How to Register for an account on I.U.O.E. Local 68’s website.
  1. You must REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT before you can Login.
    • Accounts are for currently ACTIVE Members of Local 68.
    • Those who have left Local 68, or not yet joined, will be unable to register!
    • Registration is ONE-TIME to create the account. Once created, you can use the Username and Password created to LOGIN directly.
  2. Fill in the REGISTRATION FORM.
    • Since we are matching you to our records, be sure to use the Name, Email, and Zip that we already have on file for you.  No nicknames
    • Make up your own Username and Password.
    • All Fields Are Required
    • When you click Register Now, you should be matched to our records and logged in automatically.
  3. The next time you visit this website, you may LOGIN with the Username and Password you created during the one-time registration.
If for some reason you are unable to register, CONTACT US anytime, or call our Technology Director, Rob Adams at 973-244-5818 during business hours.
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