Apprenticeship Program

Commitment to the Present and Future

The strength of the Local 68 education program is something that we are very proud of. In fact, it’s become a model program for the rest of the country!
The Education and Apprentice Training Programs illustrate Local 68’s commitment to keeping our members on the edge of technology and knowledge.

Since 1958, thousands of members have graduated the four-year apprentice training program and been certified with the U.S. Department of Labor.


Comprehensive Program

Nearly every subject is covered from basic building maintenance, basic and advanced refrigeration, indoor air quality, HVAC troubleshooting, and critical system technology.

Graduates from our program have completed 600 hours of classroom training and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and have obtained a Black Seal Steam License, Blue Seal Refrigeration License, OSHA-10, and CFC Universal License.