Advantages of Union Membership


We are proactive and also benefit from the marketing activities of the Engineers Labor Employer Cooperative, our labor-management organization.


By providing top-quality training. Our members, apprentices and journeymen, continually update their skills in our state-of-the-art facilities, using the latest equipment available on any worksite.


While the number of employers offering health benefits steadily declines and many large employers abandon defined benefit retirement plans, these remain an important part of your union membership.


Think joining the Local 68 team may be for you but don’t know how to proceed?
It’s easy! You can:

Click here for info about our Apprenticeship Program

Click here to find out how to Organize your Workplace into a Union site

Being a union member means you are on a team where someone always has your back, answers are available, and you are not alone! Together, as a unified force, Local 68 makes a genuine difference in the lives of our members.

We help protect union jobs and look for more job opportunities for our members, current and future. Championing union member rights at union worksites is part of our mission, plus offering valuable benefits and training to enrich members lives.


For members, our mission is to help you become the most highly skilled, experienced and productive operating engineers available, to maintain those skills as technology advances, and to be rewarded with high-paying job opportunities.

We do this by providing training, by organizing, being politically active and by negotiating the best possible wages, fringe benefits and working conditions as compensation.

In summary, Local 68 members enjoy a range of benefits that can no longer be taken for granted by non-union members. These benefits are so extensive and valuable, we’ve devoted an entire website to inform members on what they have and how to use them.