Pension & Annuity


Too often we focus our time and energy on getting through the day, and forget to concentrate on what tomorrow will bring. Local 68 has made it almost impossible for our members to be faced with this kind of insecure future. We provide financial programs and benefits that give peace of mind to members, when they need it most.


The pension fund available to our private-sector members is considered one of the premier New Jersey labor retirement plans and one of the highest paying pensions in the IUOE. Local 68 not only ensures the job security and welfare of each member today, but plans for each member to retire with the dignity and respect earned through a lifetime of hard work and union membership.


The annuity fund can be thought of as an extra retirement account. In today’s economy, with no assurance of government funded Social Security, Local 68 considers our annuity fund to be an insurance policy for a secure retirement. Contributions are made and credited to eligible private-sector members’ accounts. The money collects interest, providing a substantial supplement to a member’s retirement funds.

Detailed Information can be found in the Members section.