Saturday March 19, 2022

Local 68 Apprentices got together for a Habitat for Humanity build day in Landing, New Jersey.

A last-minute work situation almost had me reschedule/cancel, however Tyler Dellorusso (2nd year apprentice) stepped up and lead the team.
Tyler has volunteered many times before and has a good working relationship with H4H Foreman Mike Dakak.

Our brothers and sisters worked together in the fog and drizzle, to prepare a property lot for delivery of a house.

The crew spend the day digging and picking trenches, installing silt fencing and backfilling.

“They all worked very hard and well together and I have nothing but great things to say about the crew” – (Mike H4H foreman)

The house being delivered was built by students at Roxbury High School and awaits delivery to this location. Here’s the story about the house being built.

Morris Habitat for Humanity

Another job well done by our future Operating Engineers!!

Kind Regards,

Chuck Ransiear