It was hot and humid today, though nothing but smiles, laughter, and hard work out of this crew today!
Just a great group of apprentices, who are only two months into the journey of becoming Operating Engineers.
Anybody, including the H4H supervisor would have thought these guys had a ton of experience and had been working together for years.
They work and communicate well with each other and just get after it.
We started hot and heavy, bringing all the appliances up to the second floor of the six-family unit being finished.
A few of the guys stayed in those units to finish trim work and molding, then wire in the plugs and test appliances.
Two other groups broke off and headed to the unfinished six family unit, to install face boards around the perimeter, and cut in 8” holes for ducts in the basement.
The guys worked straight through, and the rain cooled everything down a smidge, late in the day.
The supervisor was thrilled with what got done, and asked how soon we could be back?
All in all, a very productive day!