With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are either choosing, or being forced to close temporarily.  This is forcing those employers to lay off workers until operations can return to normal.

All of us here at Local 68 recognize that this phenomenon has a huge impact on our members, and we are doing everything we can to get people back to work.

Local 68 urges everyone to follow the advice of the CDC regarding preventing the spread of the disease and steps to take if you are ill.

If you are a Local 68 member that has been laid off from your job due to COVID-19 closings, please LET US KNOW!

Reach out to your Business Agent, or directly to our Jobs Administrator Suzanne Corns. You can reach Suzanne at 973-244-5805 or email jobs@local68.org

When you contact us about looking for work after a COVID-19 Layoff, please provide:

  • Name
  • Cell Phone #
  • Current Address
  • Registration# (on the back of your Member ID card if you have it)
  • Licenses Held (Black Seal, Blue Seal, etc.)

Unemployment Info:

If you have been laid off, you should file for Unemployment with the NJ Dept. of Labor on their website at 



You must wait until you are unemployed/effective lay-off date to file for benefits. Claims filed while still employed WILL NOT BE PROCESSED!

If your employer participates in the Local 68 SUB Fund, you can inquire about your benefits with our Funds Office


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