Newark Airport Terminal A has received the prestigious SkyTrax 5-Star rating, in large part thanks to the Local 68 team that keeps the place running.

Local 68 wants to thank and congratulate our members for their excellence and dedicated work.

Patrick Affilitto, Robert Bailey, Frank Baron, Kevin Calderon, Billy Delgado, Michael DelPiano, Thomas Drennan, Kevin English, Diego Fernandez, Stephen Florio, Michael Gibbs, Gregory Glowacka, Marc Goue, Ahmad Hasan, Tiffany Henry, Dennis Knapp, Anthony Kuhn, Isaiah Mendez, Armand Miller, Renato Mejia Nunez, Rawle Nurse, Michael Oakes, Jacob Pfeuffer, Jordan Raney, Joseph Ritt, David Rodriguez, Robert Savacool, Joshua Vega, Dennis Wilson

“I wanted to present some positive news as I am proud to share this in case you have not heard.  With our 68 people’s contributions and hard work on this new site, we got recognized by ABM in a newsletter and Munich/PA verbal recognitions with our help they reached their goal of becoming a 5 Star rated airport terminal, officially. This is quite prestigious as we are one of, I believe 3 in the nation that has this rating currently.
For the last year and half our people have gone above and beyond in so many ways, way more than anyone signed up for.  We found, corrected, and called out hundreds of issues with contractor/builder negligence and noncompliance issues that if kept the way they had it, it would have never been up to the standards to be rated 5 Star. This is on top of the 1,000 plus preventative maintenance work orders we did in this time.  Our 68 people make me so proud that we are a symbol in this building of what our Union can do and that has been recognized by our employers.  I do not think I could have done this without the leads Steve, Mike, and Greg.  Specifically working with Steve and my crew on first shift, I have never worked with a better group in my career.  Steve handles both Lead and Stewart with such professionalism and one of the very best people I ever met in our union.   
I am happy ABM/68 have finally gotten the recognition they deserve here as it’s been a long and tough 1.5 years getting this building up and running and we have much more to accomplish still.  I am hoping this 5 Star rating, day to day above and beyond attitude everyone shows, along with the recognition we have received will help us once the new contract comes around. 
Anyway, it is nice to report back to you on such a positive note. I feel a great amount of satisfaction to see what this building was when we first got here to what it has become now.”

Jacob Pfeuffer – Chief Engineer, Newark Terminal A

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